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Upholstery Cleaning

Royal Carpet Cleaners is here to provide you with the best upholstery cleaning experience possible. We are equipped with the best equipment on the market and strive for perfection.

At Royal Carpet we offer FREE in-home upholstery inspection's to take a closer look and let you know exactly what we should do from the point of inspection.

We extract all the dirt, grime & debris out of your furniture. We kill germs, bacteria & dust mites and use safe cleaning agents. Your furniture will be dry within hours leaving you with healthier, cleaner furniture for your family to enjoy. If you ever experience any problems always feel free to give us a call! We are here to help!

Check Out Our 9 Step Cleaning Process

Step 1 Upholstery Cleaning


Our technician will perform special tests to determine the content of your fabric. The content will determine what type of cleaning solutions and techniques will be used. In addition, we will point out any potential permanent stains or areas of concern. We will give you an evaluation of expected results.

Step 2 Upholstery Cleaning

Area Preparation

We will prepare the area where the upholstery will be cleaned to protect your surrounding furnishings.

Step 3 Upholstery Cleaning


All textiles should be vacuumed thoroughly before cleaning. This step will remove dry soils and any loose particles from cracks and crevices.

Step 4 Upholstery Cleaning


Depending on your fabric, a special solution designed for your fabric type and the soiling condition will be applied to “emulsify” the soil.

Step 5 Upholstery Cleaning


Difficult spots are pre-treated with special solutions to increase chances of removal.

Step 6 Upholstery Cleaning

Soil Extraction

Soil Extraction and Rinse. The soil is then extracted from the fabric with a gentle, controlled rinse.

Step 7 Upholstery Cleaning

Post-Stain Removal

Most spots are removed with our standard pre-conditioner and rinse. Any stains still remaining will get extra treatment with our many specialty stain solutions. For longer upholstery life and fewer permanent stains, be sure to have professional upholstery protector applied to your furniture.

Step 8 Upholstery Cleaning


The upholstery will then be prepared for drying with a gentle combing of the fabric.

Step 9 Upholstery Cleaning

Post-Cleaning Inspection

Our technician will review the cleaning results with you to ensure that your expectations have been met or exceeded

Benefits of Professional Upholstery Cleaning!

Remove allergens

Cleaning your upholstery breaks down the allergens that have built up over time

Eliminating Bacteria

Overtime your furniture will build up bacteria. By having your furniture profesionally cleaned we will eliminate the bacteria with our cleaning method.

Feel Clean & Healthy Again

As soon as we are done cleaning you will feel refreshed and healthy inside your home!

How To Prepare For Royal?


Preparing for Royal Step 1

When we schedule an appointment for cleaning please remove the fragile or valuable items from the areas that are being cleaned. Also please secure your pets and vacuum! We will take care of the rest! Thank You!


Preparing for Royal Step 2

As soon as we arrive we will come and give you a pre-inspection and make sure everything is good to go! We will explain the entire process to you beforehand.


Preparing for Royal Step 3

Now we will begin our Royal Cleaning Process.


Preparing for Royal Step 4

We are done! Before we leave your home we will do another walkthrough with you to make sure everything came out the way you wanted! If there are any problems we will take care of them for you! If we moved your furniture make sure to leave the tabs on the legs of the furniture for 24 hours to avoid wood stains! Your carpet will be dry within 3-7 hours, but the tabs underneath of your furniture make it so the carpet doesnt dry as fast! So we urge you to please leave them their for 24 hours to be safe! Enjoy the Royal Way!

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